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Chase the Fun: Innovative Dog Chase Toys Your Pet Will Love

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    Dogs love to play and run around. Chasing and fetching toys provide great exercise and mental stimulation for your furry friend. As a dog owner, you want to make sure you provide engaging and exciting toys that will keep your pooch active and happy. Innovative dog chase toys add variety to playtime and help pique your dog’s natural prey-drive instincts.

    Let’s explore some of the coolest and most creative dog chase toys on the market that your pet is sure to go crazy over!

    A long-haired dog with a ball in its mouth

    Interactive Chase Toys

    Interactive chase toys are a great way to bond with your dog and get them moving. These toys encourage your dog to run, jump, and chase, providing physical and mental exercise.

    Remote Control Chase Toys

    Remote control chase toys allow you to move and direct the toy, prompting your dog to chase after it. This adds an extra level of unpredictability and stimulation for your pup. Popular options include:

    • HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Dog Toy: This robotic mouse zips around the floor randomly thanks to its internal vibrating motor. You can steer it using the remote control to give your dog a chasing challenge. The mouse can hit speeds up to 10 feet per second, darting around furniture legs and around tight corners. Your dog will love the thrill of the hunt as it tracks down where this tricky mouse will zoom off to next.
    • PETPUL Automatic Rotating Light Dog Teaser: Shine a laser dot or flashlight anywhere and your dog will run after it tirelessly. This toy rotates 360 degrees for added fun. The automatic rotation creates an unpredictable movement pattern to keep your dog on its toes. Adjust the rotation speed from slow, medium, to high depending on your dog’s chasing abilities.
    • Furbo Dog Camera: While not just a chase toy, the Furbo camera has a built-in laser pointer you can control remotely to start an epic living room chase sequence. Draw your dog’s attention by calling their name, then activate the laser and see them spring into chasing action. The wide 160-degree field of view lets you direct the laser over a broad area.

    Automatic Chase Toys

    Automatic chase toys move on their own, no remote is required! They tap into your dog’s natural chasing and herding instincts. Top picks include:

    • Petcube Play Interactive Camera: This camera dispenses treats and has a built-in laser pointer you can activate remotely to send your dog into a chasing frenzy. Even when you’re not actively engaging with the Petcube, the built-in treat dispenser will randomly throw out treats to pique your dog’s interest. Adjust the treat throwing distance to tailor the chasing challenge.
    • iFetch Ball Launchers: iFetch toys automatically launch balls for endless fetch sessions. Some even let you adjust the launch distance from 10 feet up to 40 feet depending on room size and your dog’s abilities. The iFetch Too model works with standard tennis balls or the smaller iFetch balls. Give your arm a break and let the iFetch fling balls till your dog tires out!
    • Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball: This genius ball releases treats as it rolls, enticing your dog to bat it around nonstop. The interior maze structure dictates how treats dispense for added mental stimulation. As your dog chases, nudges, and rolls the ball, kibble will fall out randomly to reward your pup and keep them engaged. Adjust the interior opening size to control and treat release difficulty.

    Fetch Toys

    Fetch is a tiring game for dogs to play. Grab one of these fun fetch toys to throw over and over for your pooch.

    Throw and Float Toys

    Toys that float in water give your dog something to leap into the water after. Great for pools, lakes, or ocean romps:

    • Chuckit! Amphibious Shark Fin: This shark fin-shaped toy floats and glides through the water, ideal for playing fetch at the beach or lake. Made from lightweight flexible plastic, it mimics the movement of a shark’s fin with life-like motion to tap into your dog’s natural prey drive.
    • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Squeak: The bright colors and fun squeakers on this floating ball make it enticing to chase and carry. It’s made from durable Orbee-Tuff material that stands up to intense chasing and chewing. The ball floats even when punctured, so the fun doesn’t have to stop if it springs a leak.
    • Nerf Dog Float Flyer: Designed like a flying disc, this foam toy has a flat and aerodynamic shape to deliver long-range flight when thrown. The foam construction allows it to float to retrieve it out of water.

    Throw and Bounce Toys

    Bouncy, erratic toys are tons of fun to chase after when thrown. Some top options are:

    • West Paw Zogoflex Zisc: Available in mini or regular sizes, this soft disc soars gracefully when tossed. The unpredictable bounces will give your dog a good chasing workout as they dash and leap to capture it.
    • Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball: The rubber and buoyant exterior give this ball an extreme bounce. Comes in bright colors easy for dogs to spot. The high-bounce ability challenges your dog’s agility and reflexes as they bound after it.
    • KONG Squeakair Tennis Balls: Tennis balls are a fetch favorite. This squeaking version adds auditory excitement too. Made from KONG’s durable felt material and reinforced stitching, it stands up well to rough play.
    • Nerf Dog Rubber Flyer: This Y-shaped rubber flyer rings out a screeching squeak when thrown to get your dog’s attention. The tapered edges allow it to glide long distances with wiggly, irregular bounces.


    Getting distance on your throws can be tough without a launcher. Help your arm out with these handy devices:

    • Chuckit! Classic Launcher: This simple hand-held wand extends your throw for more chase distance. Lightweight design with a handy clip to hold balls. Get up to 4x the throwing range over just your arm.
    • Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster: Insert a tennis ball and pull the trigger to send it flying 50+ feet. The quick reload system allows rapid-fire burst throwing for intense fetch sessions. Comes with two high-bounce Nerf tennis balls.
    • KONG Tennis Ball Thrower: Ergonomic handle and convenient ball pick-up saddle. The curved arm shape gives leverage for farther throwing. Hands-free portable design.
    • iDogmate Ball Launcher: Battery-powered design can launch standard tennis balls over 60 feet. Six different distance settings. Automated ball pick-up and loading. Great for avoiding shoulder strain with large dogs.

    Golden retriever with wood

    Tug and Pull Toys

    Playing tug or engaging in a good game of pull taps into your dog’s natural instincts to grab and shake prey. Always supervise play to avoid injury.

    Ropes and Tugs

    Rope toys are classic tug accessories that promote healthy gum stimulation.

    • Ruff Dawg Peacock Feather: This rope toy has a fun peacock feather-shaped fabric lure at the end. The frayed rope fibers create resistance for satisfying tugging.
    • ZippyPaws Warthogz: Plush animal heads at each end of this durable rope make for an adorable tug toy. Your dog will love shaking and pulling this friendly “prey”.
    • West Paw Zogoflex Tux: The two large rubber ends give your dog plenty to grab onto for a hardcore tug session. The stretchy middle section makes for an unpredictable dynamic tugging challenge.
    • Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug: A huge 3-knot rope with flossy strands crafted for extra tugging temptation. At 5 feet long, it’s great for multi-dog households.


    Teasers compel your dog to grab, bite, and pull. Always supervise play to avoid excessive chewing.

    • Outward Hound Tail Teaser: This “chase your tail” style teaser attaches a lure to your dog’s tail for spinning fun. The bungee-style cord has some give for thrilling tug-of-war action.
    • Fluff & Tuff Platypus: This plush toy has multiple long arms and legs designed for grabbing and tugging. The reinforced seams prevent ripping during intense games of tug.
    • ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz: With three long skinny tails, your dog can’t resist trying to catch this squirrel-like critter. Pull each tail in unpredictable directions to engage their prey drive.
    • Multipet Duckworth Duck: This canvas plush duck has a leather pull tab for extra enticing tugging action. The loud squeaker inside adds to the excitement.

    Get Creative with Homemade Toys

    You don’t have to spend a fortune on store-bought dog toys. Tap into your creative side and make some DIY chase toys with household items.

    Braided Fleece Tugs

    Cut strips of fleece fabric, braid them together, and knot the ends. Instant tug toy! For extra reinforcement, stitch the braided ends before knotting. Longer fleece strips make for a more grabbing and tugging area.

    Recycled Bottle Tops

    Stuff old bottle caps into an empty plastic bottle. As your dog batters it around, the caps will rattle and shake. Make it even more enticing by adding a few treats or pieces of kibble into the bottle.

    Cardboard Box Chase

    Old Amazon or cereal boxes can be turned into chase toys. Cut holes in the sides for your dog to peek and paw at the “prey” inside. Get creative with the themes – a robot box they have to dismantle, a race car to chase down, or a castle to conquer!

    Sock Bungees

    Knot the end of an old sock. Secure it to a door handle or deck railing with a bungee cord for an elastic tug toy. Longer bungees allow for more stretch and pull action. Monitor for wear and replace bungees as needed.

    DIY Agility Course

    Set up an agility course in your backyard using household items. Hoops made from PVC pipe or hula hoops spaced apart create a zig-zag path. Place tunnels made from tables draped with sheets your dog can run through. Weave poles can be made from mop handles stuck in the ground. Add small platforms like cinder blocks to jump on and over. Run through the course with your dog directing them through each obstacle.

    Choosing the Right Dog Chase Toy

    With so many types of innovative dog chase toys out there, how do you select the best options for your active pup? Here are some handy tips for choosing toys your dog is sure to love:

    • Consider your dog’s size: Make sure to pick toys that match your dog’s body size and jaw strength. Undersized toys can present a choking risk while oversized may not be as much fun to play with.
    • Factor in your dog’s chewing habits: Destructive chewers require ultra-durable toy materials like rubber or tough nylon. For gentler dogs, softer plush toys are fine.
    • Think about noise level: Loud squeaky toys may not be suitable for soft-mouthed dogs. Opt for toys with lower volume or mute squeaker options.
    • Assess safety: Avoid any small parts that could detach and be swallowed. Supervise play and discard damaged toys immediately.
    • Choose engaging textures: Touch-activated toys with crinkly surfaces and interesting textures keep dogs attentive.
    • Mix-up toy types: Provide a rotating variety of fetch balls, tug ropes, treat-dispensing toys, etc. to prevent boredom.
    • Make it fun: Incorporate chasing toys into games like hiding and finding them or using them as part of a homemade agility course.

    Keeping Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

    Physical activity is important for dogs, but so is mental stimulation. Incorporating toys and games that challenge your dog’s brain is key to having a well-balanced pup.

    Here are some great ways to keep your dog’s mind engaged and thinking:

    Puzzle Toys

    Puzzle toys provide mental challenges as your dog figures out how to access the treats or kibble hidden inside. Popular styles include:

    • KONG: Classic KONG can be stuffed with peanut butter, spray cheese, or other tasty fillings. Dogs work to lick out every last bit.
    • Treat Balls: Treat dispensing balls like the Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball make dogs roll and bounce them around to release kibble.
    • Snuffle Mats: These mats hide treats in folds and fabrics for dogs to sniff out and dig for.
    • Puzzle Cubes: Food puzzle cubes have sliding doors and compartments dogs must manipulate to find the edible prizes inside.

    Nosework Games

    Let your dog tap into their amazing sense of smell with fun nose work activities.

    • Treat Hunts: Hide treats around a room and direct your dog to “find it!” using scent cues. Increase difficulty by hiding in harder spots.
    • Scented Toys: Toys containing essential oils give your dog a scent to sniff out during play. Add some drops to a plush toy and encourage them to search for it.
    • Nosework Classes: Structured classes build your dog’s scent detection skills. They learn to identify specific odors to qualify for competitions if desired.

    a dog with a wood in the water

    Obedience Training

    Working on obedience training mentally challenges your dog as they have to listen and respond to commands. Integrate short 5-10 minute training sessions into your daily playtime. Practice basics like sit, stay, come, lie down, and heel.

    Food Puzzles

    Instead of free-feeding, make your dog “work” for their regular meals. Food puzzle bowls have inserts that force your dog to kibble around with its nose or paw to access it, promoting mental stimulation. Or place kibble inside a muffin tin, cardboard egg cartons, or toilet paper tubes – anything to create an obstacle.

    Final Thoughts

    From remote-controlled cars to hidden scent games, innovative dog toys open up a whole world of play possibilities. When purchasing toys, focus on safety, durability, and how much enjoyment your specific pup will get out of it.

    Provide a mix of physically stimulating chase toys and mentally engaging games. Your dog can’t wait to play, so grab some fun new toys and get ready to chase the fun!



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