Keep the Tail Wagging: Discover the Best Dog Chase Toys for Your Yard

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    Having a yard is a great opportunity to let your dog run around and burn off some energy. But often, simply letting them outside isn’t enough mental stimulation. Dogs love to chase, hunt, and use their natural instincts. Providing fun chasing toys in your yard is a great way to engage your pup and keep their mind active.

    In this blog post, we’ll cover the benefits of chase toys, things to consider when choosing them, and provide recommendations on the best options to try in your yard.

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    The Benefits of Chase Toys

    There are many advantages to incorporating chase toys into your yard playtime. Here are some of the top benefits:

    Physical Exercise

    Chasing after toys is a great form of physical exercise for your dog. They’ll sprint after whatever you throw, helping strengthen muscles and cardio. It taps into their natural love of running and chasing prey.

    Mental Stimulation

    Mentally, chase toys provide important cognitive activation. Your dog has to think about tracking the toy, figuring out its path, and deciding when to break into a run after it. This engages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    Anxiety and Stress Relief

    For dogs prone to anxiety or hyperactivity, having an outlet like a chase toy can provide calming effects. It allows them to act out natural behaviors in a safe way.

    Bonding Experience

    Playing chase games together strengthens the bond between you and your dog. You get to share in the delight of the game together. It’s a mutually fun activity for both humans and pups.

    Factors to Consider in Choosing Chase Toys

    To select the right chase toys for your yard, keep these factors in mind:

    Size of Yard

    Consider the length and width of your yard size. Is it big enough for long throws and extended chases? Or is it small where short tosses are better? Purchase chase toys suitable for the space.

    Type of Dog

    Think about your dog’s size, breed, and natural instincts. Some dogs love to fetch and retrieve while others prefer flushing out toys and pouncing on them. Select toys that align with your dog’s chase style.

    Safety Features

    Look for safe yet durable chase toys. Avoid small parts that could detach and choke hazards. Bright colors help with visibility. Safe materials that won’t splinter if chewed are ideal.

    Your Dog’s Preferences

    Take note of the types of toys your dog already loves chasing. Tailor new selections based on their personal motivations and play drive around certain toys. Every dog has their own tastes.

    Best Chase Toys for Your Yard

    Based on the criteria above, here are our top picks for the best chase toys to use in your yard:

    Rope Toys

    Long ropes are classic chase toys. Your dog will love grabbing one end as you swing it around running. Avoid tug of war, which can promote aggression.


    These flying discs float gracefully through the air, providing an enticing chase. Look for soft catch options if your dog likes to catch with their mouth.


    From tennis balls to special chuck-it balls, these provide tons of chasing fun. Balls are easy to throw far distances. Watch for wear if your dog is a powerful chewer.

    Electronic Automated Toys

    For the tech-loving dog, remote-controlled cars or auto ball launchers can whiz around the yard controlled by you. They tap into a dog’s prey drive.

    Plush Toys

    Big plush toys quickly become prey for dogs when squeakers are added. Toss them around and watch your dog shake and pounce for a soft chase option.

    Activity Feeders

    These food puzzle toys can be filled with treats and then rolled or thrown for your pup to chase down during feeding. It adds enrichment.

    Safety Tips for Chase Play

    While chasing toys provides great benefits, keep these safety tips in mind:

    • Supervise all play sessions to monitor both dog and toy conditions.
    • Avoid chasing games in extreme heat or cold weather that could lead to overexertion.
    • Check toys for broken parts or tears regularly, discarding anything compromising safety.
    • Never use chase toys near busy roads or water hazards without proper fencing.
    • Be aware of multiple dogs – do not allow chasing games to escalate into fighting over toys.
    • Allow your dog breaks to prevent over-tiredness and injuries from excessive play.

    Tongue sticking dog

    Let the Fun Begin!

    Chase toys are a great way to keep your dog active and engaged right in your own backyard. Use the tips above to select the right options tailored to your pup’s preferences. Then get ready to bond, play, and keep your dog’s tail wagging happily! Proper supervision and safety checks will allow regular chasing games to be a mutually enjoyed activity.

    Tips for Throwing Technique

    To get the most out of chase toy play, use proper throwing and launching techniques to keep your dog interested and on the move:


    • Hold the frisbee flat and horizontally in your palm
    • Bring your arm back slowly then whip forward, releasing at the right moment
    • Put spin on the frisbee so it glides smoothly


    • Use chuck-it sticks for maximum distance and ease of pickup
    • Low throws can bounce and roll unpredictably
    • Practice overhand, baseball throws for straight hops

    Plush Toys

    • Grab a foot or ear and swing in circles to build momentum
    • Release high into the air so the toy floats up and then down
    • Vary speed and height for unpredictability


    • Keep your grip on one end of the rope toy as you swing it around
    • Use wide arcs and vary direction for your dog to follow
    • Avoid excessive swinging collisions with your dog’s face

    Automated Toys

    • Vary the speed and pattern settings to prevent anticipation
    • Try hiding the toy and then activating it as a fun surprise

    Keeping Things Interesting

    It’s important to switch up your chase games periodically to keep your dog engaged and anticipating more fun. Here are some tips:

    Rotate Toys

    Introduce new toys into the mix and rotate old ones out semi-regularly. The novelty will pique your dog’s interest.

    Change Locations

    Move chase games to new parts of the yard to add variety and new smells/textures for them to discover.

    Alter Pace

    Mix up the speed at which you throw or roll the toys, including bursts of rapid-fire launches.

    Add Obstacles

    Add tunnels, low jumps, or weave poles from agility and let your dog navigate while chasing.

    Two Toys at Once

    Throw two different chase toys in opposite directions to get your dog thinking and keep them on their toes.


    Vary the power and technique behind your toy launches to prevent your dog from anticipating.

    A Dog and Pumpkins

    Final Thoughts

    Chase toys are a simple way to bond with your pup, get in exercise, and tap into your dog’s natural instincts in your own backyard.

    Follow the guidance above to pick the safest, most engaging options tailored to your yard size and dog’s needs. Then grab those toys and get ready for an active game of chasing your dog is sure to love!

    With supervision and care, chase play can become a regular enrichment activity you both look forward to. So get creative, mix it up often, and most importantly – keep that tail wagging!



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